Rumours on the Internet stating that Camilla, Duchess of Cambridge, married to Prince Charles has filed for divorce in October.

Hints were dropped that Charles and Camilla have the most violent arguments for quite a long time. Apparently, they are as common as with objects being thrown which must be quite valuable and not any old jam-jar.

It is obvious that they didn’t find the paradise they were hoping for.

Guessing from the few leaks Prince Charles is quite hard to live with and Camilla found out. There were also several rumours about Camilla hitting the gin bottle. She disappears to her previous home for days to which Prince Charles strongly object.

Apparently, on Princess Charlotte’s christening Camilla was drunk and did not behave in a lady-like fashion and the Queen giving a party to honour the birth and christening of Princess Charlotte she only had tea served.

All these are just rumours and the major newspapers have not confirmed the Charles and Camilla are divorcing.

Camilla, however, threatened the Royal Family that if she does not get the settlement she demanded she will wash dirty linen in public.

Well, it might be good for the public and we will learn a few truths. She even mentioned that Princess Diana’s death was no accident but murder most Royal. Whether, she will spill the beans and there is some truth in it we will have to wait and see.

One thing for sure, Camilla does not show any lady-like behaviour as for Kate she always is a Lady and supports Prince William and vice-versa.

Camilla should not hang out her aristocratic background too much, although it is from the 14th century but her great-great-grandmother was the notorious socialite Alice Keppel. No doubt she was one of the most beautiful woman of her time but she had several affairs and the most known with King Edward VII. He was Prince of Wales when she met him. Her husband approved of all her affairs being able to afford their lifestyle in London and they got quite rich.

Alice Keppel was known to be witty, kind and never lost her temper. She stayed with King Edward VII till his death. Afterwards the Keppel went travelling and ended up in Italy. They died within two and a half months of each other and are buried there. Local tourist guides refer to Mr Keppel as the last Victoria’s lover. Whether there is some truth in it, is anyone’s guess.

Although Camilla looks down her nose at Kate Middleton because she does not come from an aristocratic family and demands Kate to curtsy before her. If Camilla had any manners and education; she would not do that. Kate’s family were coal miners on her father’s side. You could not be prouder than of a coal miner doing one of the hardest jobs.

Her father and mother were working for BA. Her father was a flight dispatcher and her mother a stewardess. They also established a very successful company selling party goods.

All in all, good, honest, hard-working people who worked their way up and could afford to send their three children to top class schools and universities where Kate and William met.

Rumours also have it that the Queen will cut out Prince Charles and announce Prince William and Kate to follow her on the throne. If that comes true most of the people will breath a sigh of relief.

Maybe this plan was brewing for a long time in the Royal family and maybe it is the final reason for Camilla filing for divorce? It is also said she might have to leave the UK forever and no money will be paid.

As mentioned before, these are all rumours and speculations and only time will tell.