He got hooked on fast cars at the age of 10 in 1908 when he watched a road race. From that on he wanted to be a racing driver.

Enzo was a son of a middle class, successful metalworker. He was born in Modena, Northern Italy with limited education and no connection to the racing sport.

His dreams even diminished more when his father died; Enzo was 18 years old. It happened during the 1916 flu epidemic and Enzo caught the virus too. He survived and was more determined to fulfil his dream.

He was now the breadwinner and his dream became more distant.

Somehow. he got from nothing to test driver for Alfa Romeo and in 1924 he made name for himself to be chosen for the French Grand Prix. At the height of achieving his dream Enzo had a nervous breakdown and quit.

He went back home to Modena.

In those days, the sport was not as regulated like today and Enzo lost his great friend Ugo Sivocci and another a year later, Antonio Ascari, in the race.

Enzo managed to set up his super car manufacturer and this year it is 70 year ago when the first Ferrari rolled off the production line.

In the following years the company prospered and is now owned by his son Piero. Today Ferrari is more known on the road which helped to finance Enzo’s racing ambition.

During Enzo’s life, he experienced many set-backs and disasters. He went through horrific accidents, financial disasters, political threats and PR disasters. Since he was also good-looking he had extra-marital affairs and a love child.

During the 1950s and 1960s his racing cars had seven drivers killed. The worst accident was in 1957 when one of his cars smashed into the crowd and killed nine and five children. Enzo was devastated and shut himself away for days. He was charged with manslaughter.

In 1923 Enzo married Laura Garello but his marriage was never a happy one. Their only child, a son and heir died in 1956 of Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of 24. Enzo was aware of it but tried to ignore it in the hope it might get better. It also broke up his marriage. In Italy divorce was illegal till 1975 and they remained married but Laura lived in Turin and Enzo in Modena.

He had more ‘regimental’ affairs. Accordingly, three times a week he did go out with one of the girls from the factory at lunch time. He had one long-time affair with Lina Lardi and in 1945 she born him a son, Piero. Only after his wife died, in 1978, he publicly acknowledged and gave him his famous name.

After the death of his son and several other racing drivers who were very close friends of his; Enzo became reclusive and only attended local Italian Grand Prix races.

He always worn dark glasses and chose to be driven in an unremarkable Fiat.

When Enzo Ferrari died in 1988; Piero became vice president of Ferrari. Piero leads a quiet live and has one daughter and two grandsons – named Piero and Enzo. He still lives in the house his father gave him.