Commission chairman Andrew Tyrie and Tory MP lays out several legislations to stop bank bosses “reckless misconduct”. He suggested that bank bosses receive either a jail sentence or up to 10 years postponement of their bonuses and pension claim. We, the public would even go a step further and stop them from getting any bonuses since they are responsible for bankrupting a bank or other illegal activities. Although they all denied any involvement but it is and was their job as a chief executive. What else are they there for?

At the financial crash in 2007 the public were told at that time it is a “Credit Crunch” which was accepted for a while. After just a short time it emerged that it was the bank bosses and financiers in the City being responsible. They were paid for a “shocking and widespread malpractice”. Not one was jailed or heavily fined. The Libor scandal when it was finally exposed, after years of practice, which surely a number of people were aware of and should have been responsible, not one was jailed or heavily fined or banned from the industry. They were even given a very a golden handshake when eventually resigned due to pressure from the public. The banks were fined heavily but this will eventually be paid by the taxpayers.

Mr Tyrie suggested: “Under our recommendations senior bankers who seriously damage their banks or put taxpayers’ money at risk can be expected to be fined, banned from the industry, or, in the worst cases go to jail. That has not been the case up to now. This deals with some of the senior people who many feel got off lightly last time and for whose mistake we are still paying.”

Mr Tylrie issued a 527 pages report pointing out the completely laps of standard which is too widespread to be acceptable. He also requested that not only the bankers have to change their way of practice. He demands actions on regulators and government because both are responsible for the decline of standard. The commission of MPs and peers calls for a great overhaul of top pay, with City regulators given new power to cancel pension rights and payoffs for bosses of bail-out banks.

This is the most sensible suggestion made for a long time and hopeful it will be enforced. However, looking back at the truck record of the government it is doubtful it will be passed in the House of Commons and Lords.  It is also well overdue in view of all the scandals revealed which costs the taxpayers billions of pounds at a time of great economical pressure.

Already it has been included that there will be no retrospect.

Sir Fred Goodwin who ruined the Royal Bank of Scotland receives a £342,000 a year pension for life.

James Crosby chief executive of HBOS receives £580,000 retirement.

John Cridland, director general of the  CBI, points out that there are tough criminal sanction already law in the UK. If they are they certainly were not enforced. In the last few years there were o the biggest scandals in bank’s history yet the bank bosses received golden hand shakes which was totally wrong, of course.


UPDATE: 26 June 2013 — UK’s Prime Minister seems to be determined to go ahead with supporting the rebels. He is planning to hold a meeting between the spy chief, Ed Milliband the Labour leader and himself. This rare move of the Mr Cameron’s top briefing by the National Security Council is designed to win Mr Milliband support for forcing out Syrian Bashar Assad.


UPDATE:  22 June 2013 — Coming a meeting in Doha is planned to discuss and decide whether to give support to the rebels.  The countries will be US, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. Already in advance the rebels received a quantity of new weapons and they stated that it was from the US. The rebels had recently some major defeats but hope now to turn the situation around.

Rumours running wild about chemical weapons and it looks like a copy of the time before the Iraq War.  At that time Mr Bush and his government sworn blind Iraq are stock piling chemical weapons.  The pressure increased and at the end ex-Prime minister Tony Blair fell for it and entered a war with the USA against Iraq.  Eventually, when they conquered Iraq no chemical weapons were found. Both Mr Bush and Mr Blair were never brought to justice in for being responsible of causing death, maiming and destruction in a country were they had no right to declare war.

Now again it seems a repeat of the same situation.  It is surprising that President Obama would repeat the same message that Syria’s President Bashar Assad uses chemical weapons.  A few weeks ago it was said that the rebels using chemical weapons which ever is the truth it will most probably never be known.  However, it was also revealed Al-Qaeda is infiltrating the rebels to back them would be backing a terrorists group which the whole world is fighting against. If all these information spread around has any footing at all it would be wise to stay out of the whole conflict.

Why is Britain so hell bend to get involved again? There supposed to be a low economy in this country and the public is pressure into more austerity yet no hesitation in getting involved into another costly war which could even escalate into a widespread war.

If there ever was any irresponsibility shown from the government it will be this time.  Foreign secretary William Hague and PM David Cameron are determined for months to enter the Syrian civil war with again an accusation of chemical weapons.  Britain did not look victorious in the Iraq war, Libya and nor is it in Afghanistan. Therefore the question being asked and remains  – Why getting involved again only because Russia and American wanting another play-ground.

Every time these super powers and are not that glorious any more wanting another war game it cost nothing but lives,  injuries with getting maimed for lives and horrendous amount of money which none of these countries can afford.  So where is the sense and responsibility to their people at all?

A lesson should have been learned with Libya where the West was backing the so called rebels or freedom fighters. The moment they were in power they turned their back on the West.  Murdered the American Embassy staff, destroyed graves of the British fallen soldiers and never released the Lockerbie bombers or revealed any information

Mr Newark stated that Britain has a moral obligation to step in. How on earth did Mr Newark arrive at an idea like that? What moral obligation has Britain got towards Syria to scarify again their soldiers and huge amount of money at the time where British people starve and have to go to food-banks and have to make decisions whether to heat their homes or buy food.

David Cameron who has a meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin tomorrow at 10 Down Street is believed to back the US.  Since it has been already hinted that the rebels are infiltrated by Al Qaeda it is sheer madness and irresponsibility to back them.

This news gives us, the public, some glimpse what really goes on behind the scene. Apparently 500 top business men joint into one “Business for Britain” to force the government securing a better deal for Britain in Europe.  They signed up for a campaign to achieve it.

The new group includes top management people from a wide range of companies starting from major blue chip firms to smaller companies. They support David Cameron trying to re-establish Britain EU membership in Brussels.  It is a cross party operation “national drive to renegotiate the terms of British members of the European Union.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has already given a pledge to return power from Brussels to Britain. He also promised an IN/OUT referendum on the EU by the end of 2017 if the Conservatives win the next general election in 2015.

With all due respect but looking closer at each promise it does not give the public a great re-assurance. In the first instant, to wrestle back power from Brussels most people find it very doubtful since Brussels does not give up power very easily.  The promise regarding an IN/OUT referendum  looks like a method  to win the election. This promise was given already in the last election manifesto but the moment the Conservatives won by a minority and had built a coalition the promise was forgotten.  During the last three years the public kept demanding and a promise was given  again but when its deadline arrived, it was overlooked.

Therefore, it is doubtful the majority of people will fall for it again.  Mr Cameron has to look back on his track record and  learn from it that he can’t keep giving  pledges and promises and not keep them.

A spokesman for Business for Britain said: “As business and entrepreneurs are responsible for millions of British jobs, we believe that the government is right to seek a new deal from the EU and for the UK’s role in Europe. Far from being a threat to our economic interests, a flexible, compromising EU – with more powers devolved from Brussels – is essential for growth, jobs and access t markets.”

This statement on the surface makes great deal of sense but will Brussels let go of their power? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get out of the EU and spend the billions into the British economy? It would cut all the restrictions imposed by Brussels on British businesses and since  Britain was always a free trading state with a great name and respect on the world market for British goods it would regain it again

What is the reason for Britain clinging onto Brussels which waste billions of pounds each year, still asking for more and gives nothing but unreasonable rules and restrictions? Even the auditors refuse to sign their budget because there are over 84 billion Euros unaccountable and it is getting worse every year. Surely that is a big enough reason to decide to cut lose.



UPDATE;  24 June 2013 — There are even plans made to make a statue and most properly put it in Trafalgar Square. Furthermore, a Margaret Thatcher Museum is planne. Most properly both on taxpayers’ money. Talking about insult upon insult to the people of Britain.


Her funeral is over and without any riots which is the best. It was a grand show as only the British can organise it and all to her wishes but it was a hollow celebration of her death.  250,000 people supposed to have lined the street, if the number is correct. A great number were standing, after the first row which were onlooker and admirer, from the second row onward with the backs to the funeral. A clever idea to show your disrespect which she really deserves.

How politicians and some people can whitewash what she had done is unbelievable. She destroyed great industries and couldn’t care less of workers lost their jobs and end up in lengthy dole queues.

She deregulated the banks and finance sectors and we, the public, still suffer today more than ever before, because of it. Bank chief executives earn not only £1million and over of salaries but two or up to five times of that in bonuses. She privatised gas, electricity and the railways. The shareholders jumping for joy about the great dividends but householders’ bills jumped from £250 to £1,400 per year within three years and her followers PM David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne do nothing about it because they receive the dividends.

As for PM David Cameron to declare “we are all Thatcherites” was not only in poor taste to make political hay while the sun was shining but also completely misjudged. He and his faithful might be but the great majority will certainly not. They have been hurt too much and their communities destroyed. Even today there are whole villages and small town turned into ghost villages and –towns. It is unforgettable and unforgivable.  Even in death she hurt those people again by making them paying for her funeral which is at least £10million.

If David Cameron and friends really want to go down in history as great leaders they should sit down and right what Margaret Thatcher done wrong. Even that is a bit too late after their axe was used too often and too much.

All people can do and show their great spirit which they always did in crisis like to stand together and closed the door on Margaret Thatcher. It is not meant to forget which is impossible but close the door on her death and throw the key away. Cameron has to make a high-speed U-turn to save this country from depression or inflation. Even the IMF told George Osborne for at least the second if not the third time to abandon austerity because it doesn’t work.

Will they do it and in time?


It has now been announced that Lady Thatcher was staying at the Ritz in London, England for several months. It was kept so secret even the staff didn’t know she was there.  She was in the most luxurious hotel suite.  On her deathbed she was surrounded by staff that cared most for her in her last few years. Her children were not there. They were miles away. Mark in Marbella and Carol in Switzerland.  Only some of her Conservative Party’s friends and nursing staff were there. It is not known whether she was conscious till the end or not but by the  remark made that she would have been devastated to know that not even her beloved son was not there it seems she was not fully aware any more.

Although she was surrounded by the most luxurious suite money can buy she still was very much alone. Previously in a newspaper report was stated that Mark did not even visit her on Christmas. In a recent interview he explained himself that she has dementia and would not recognise him.

However, according to Tory MP Conor Burns who visited her regularly he remark that her memories of the past was not very great but she still was interested in the future and politics.

The Ritz Hotel is owned by the billionaire Barclays Brothers and it is not clear whether she lived there for free, half priced or full priced. However, it would not have made any difference to her finances since Lady Thatcher received £500,000 from the government for ‘expenses’ ever since she retired.

It could have been acceptable and not have been begrudged had she not devastated thousand of lives and broken whole communities during her being in office. By the time she had to retire the country had five million unemployed. Now she even gets a ceremonial funeral which cost the country and taxpayers more than £10million. The public has never forgotten and forgiven her and now salt is rubbed into their wounds. They are up in arms. Why aggravate the situation again? It is not only the money spend on her funeral but at a time of her government preaches austerity and were cutting benefits right across from the 1 April. As soon as Margaret Thatcher death was announced it was also stated she will receive a ceremonial funeral with all the honour.

One of the Tory’s MPs suggested having a statue of Margaret Thatcher put up in Trafalgar Square.  Don’t they realize what mood the public is in?

For a start the public demanded for years to stop the sky high bonuses. The top bankers are all earning around £1million a year which is more than adequate.  Many time David Cameron was pressure to step in and stop these bonuses especially now where the economy is in a terrible situation.  Mr Cameron kept promises but as most of his promises were never kept. He pointed out that it would take time to bring in a law through Parliament.

This whole situation was only brought about since Margaret Thatcher de-regulated the banks and ever since their salaries rose astronomically. Then also the bonus started.  As before the banks of Britain had a great respect and their names were respected all over world.  Companies were investing in British banks because of it.

When the public realised their demand will not be med by David Cameron and his government they formed a group called OCCUPY. This group started to camp in the city but then was moved on and put their tents up in front of St Paul’s’ cathedral. They endure harsh weather day and night to make their point.  Since the place in front did not belong to the city of London the government could not do much about it. They approach the Dean of St Pauls but he agreed with OCCUPY and there was quite noise about till the Dean of St Pauls resigned.  David Cameron soon found a way and in no time the court brought out a LAW for OCCUPY to be moved.  So much so for disagreeing with sky-high bonuses being paid to bankers and city financiers.  It was amazing how quickly this law could have been brought thought but not a law against bonuses paid.

Now a report in Daily Mirror shows that again and still huge bonuses are being paid. In spite of bankruptcy, rigged libor, mis-selling PPI and scandals about money laundering by criminal cartels for which top banks were heavily find their debts are paid by taxpayers.  It is incredible to say the least and unacceptable that the Chief executives of these banks are paid at least £1million bonus after such scandal which cost the banks a fortune.

Again David Cameron and his government who practically owe these banks because of the taxpayers’ money invested do nothing and still does not stopped it. All you read about that the public and shareholders are putting pressure on these executives have so much decency to return the bonus.  Even if they are willing to drop the bonus there is still a regulation for a so called long-term bonus which again will be paid by taxpayers.

To summon it up These chief executives are receive around £1m salary, a bonus of  about £2 to £3million, a long-term bonus which surely must be also start at £1million and upwards plus huge dividends from shares given to them as part of their contract while most of their banks went bankrupt and held up by taxpayers’ money.  The economy being in a dreadful state and yet bankers and city boys take millions out without trying to improve the economy  and even fiddle the libor, mis-selling PPI, and money laundering  for criminal cartels.

If somebody cooks the book in a company they are instantly dismissed. These people were involved in huge criminal activities and do not get dismissed and if they due to public pressure they walk away with millions of pounds as a golden handshake plus super pension.



Well the Saturday’s papers are out and full of scandals and promises from the Conservatives for the next general election. The biggest shock was that David Cameron decided to axe the RED ARROWS. They are such a legendary institution and national pride it would be more than scandalous to ground the last of the British legendary symbols.

The Conservatives have during their last reign in power destroyed so many British companies which were unique to Britain and the envy to the world. Just to name but a few was the steel industry, a number car makers for which only Britain stood as an example, ship industry which was always a legend, the railways and the coal mines. This term of government the Conservatives have managed to reduced the police, RAF, Army and navy which again received admiration from the whole world.

Now to ground the Red Arrows which are symbolic only of Britain and being admired by the rest of the world would be a crime.

All these action are so controversial to the very title of the Party and their constitution established by the Tories decays ago. The party pledge was to conserve and maintain traditional values and institutions. They certainly went completely from this pledge. These days they only give the impression anything as long it save money with which their pockets gets filled.

Most of the top Conservatives went to top class school and it is shocking and amazing that they have not more pride in their nationality and country.

Apparently they are already in full swing to gain the majority in the next general election. The cutting back and also destroying certainly way of life won’t go down lightly and people do have a long memory. All the new promises for if the Conservative come into power again will not easily believed since the last promises were not med leave alone those horrific cut-backs on the public. It was a great surprise that they mange to get into power again, even as a minority, after the last distraction to the country.


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