One American News Networks gave a lengthy video about their investigation. The reporter finds no evidence of Chemical Weapons Attack in Douma, Syria.

He went to several parts of the town and spoke to many people in various places.

He visited hospitals and spoke to staff, doctors and Chief Surgeon. The video we saw was made because people came in and choked from dust created by the bombs from USA, UK and France.

The surgeon explained if there was a chemical gas attack it would make people faces sell up, eyes streaming and choking from lungs being affected. He claimed further that there were no deaths.

The reporter also spoke to the rebels and they admitted it was a hoax to keep the Syrian army out of Douma and to achieve a bus service for evacuation which they used to escape.

A Syrian girl also explains what happened behind the last ‘Chemical Attack’ in Douma on YouTube. The picture you saw of a family died of the so-called ‘Chemical Attack’ was a family living in a bunker using a wood burning stove and died of carbon monocide.

She also points out for Assad doing the ‘Chemical Attack’ had no motive because he was winning the war. She thinks it is all for Trump’s benefit to keep US soldiers in Syria with Israel’s support.  

A report in the Morning Star

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said: “the consequences of illegal, unlawful military actions were the cause of the hold-up which inspectors were unable to access the side of the alleged attacks because it needs permission from the UN security experts.”

Not as UK press announced ‘the Russian refused OPCW to enter Douma’ which was slightly twisting the truth but would go against the Russians.

The Independent newspaper’s journalist Robert Fisk was one of the first to enter Douma. He tracked down the underground clinic from where the videos were made.

Dr Assim Rahaibani said that the videos were not staged but the patients did not suffer from chemical gases but from dust which filled the rubble-filled tunnels where they live. On the night of the heavy shelling it created a dust storm.

That explained why the patients did not show any chemical burn marks, coughing, wheezing and streaming red eyes if they were infected by a chemical attack.

France still insists that it has “proof” of chemical weapons were used – USA media reports urine and blood tests showed evidence – USA also insists on its original report of previous chemical attacks although investigated by WHO but reports were never published which makes it suspicious of not being Assad’s attack and so does UK.

A good confirmation is that people across the town denied there was a chemical gas attack – more detailed information from Robert Fisk in the Independent newspaper.

Although those reports are the truth, but it is hard for the public being constantly bombarded with false information. However, the people today are well informed and May should gamble on being able to brainwash them.

So where does May, Trump and Macro go from here after the contradicting reports being published? They must be aware of it.

It was most surprising for the public the speed they all went ahead with their bombing. They did not wait for the OPCW to go there and to find the evidence they so insist exist. This point is the most confusing for the people to accept and understand. You don’t rush in with bombing if you want evidence of a chemical attack and who done it, do you?

Or was this the reason for the sudden decisions to bomb? It would show that it wasn’t Russia or Assad and three non-so-wise kings/queen would have to face the music.