Since the press running hot on Novichok claiming it is only produced by Russia and the recent incident at Salisbury can only be done by Russian other information came to light.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was quite right to demand a prove but, of course, as soon as he opened his mouth to the contrary he is named as a communist.

BBC which is completely controlled by the Conservatories shown a huge picture in the background of Moscow and Jeremy Corbyn with a Russian hat on. It was pathetic especially from a well-known worldwide TV station to go to such an extent to label a man who voices his opinion!

While still discrediting Mr Corbyn; a report from Craig Murray was announced that he has received from a well-placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them.

UN stated that every Laboratory of their members have a sample of Novichok with each signature on it. Therefore, if it was legal obtained it should be able to be identified where it came from.

Another news came to light, Uzbekistan were in control of Novichok and when hy were not controlled by Russia. Could there have been a secret sale or theft?

Uzbekistan was part of the Soviet Union till 1991 and then became independent. Eight years later BBC and others reported US experts were helping to destroy its stocks of nerve-agents – especially Novichok. The country had been a major testing centre for chemical weapons.

During 1999 and 2000 the US destroyed the chemical weapon testing facility and it could also be that somebody kept a sample. After all USA is not exactly known for being open, honest and transparent.

BBC and the Tory controlled press keeps still singling out Russia as the culprit but never mentioned Uzbekistan when the country was not any more under Russian control. Surely, they must remember their previous report of US decommissioning of Novichok in Uzbekistan. Apparently, they ‘ignore’ these facts determine to back May’s claim that it is Russia.

For a Prime Minister it is not a very good move to point to Russia especially without concrete proof. It bound to backfire sooner than later.

Already, journalists and people asking questions of why the PM went to Salisbury where the crime occurred in area where the contamination happen without any protections. She was smiling and met people of very small group also being there holding a bunch of flowers as if it were a walk-about.

People also raised the question why May did not go to the hospital where father and daughter Skipal are critically ill and the policeman, who was the only other one got infected.

The Times reported no patients have symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning by Stephen Davies, Consultant in emergency medics, Salisbury NHS

Following the Salisbury attack the Government now plans to “tighten-up the Official Secrets Act” with longer jail sentences for journalists. This would be the final straw to break democracy. Cameron already gagged the press quite severely.

A further sickening fact emerged when the anti-Corbyn Labour MPs proclaimed to “stand-shoulder-to-shoulder” with the Tories. It is hard to understand their mentality why being Labour when you are so convinced that the Tories are perfect.

May expelled now 23 Russian diplomats despite not having one single solid prove the Novichok came from Russia.

 Another controversy in this sad saga is that several Tory MPs, including May, received £820m total from Russia since May became PM. MPs, press and people demand to return the money but Theresa May refused. Money which could not have been given for nothing and it is not a mannerism of a Prime Minister and her MPs.

Jeremy Corbyn is a real statesman, kept his head and asked for proof before jumping to conclusion. He knew what his demand will bring an uproar of abuse again but despite he stood up and announced his opinion. Hopefully, the truth will come out but until Russia is replying to May’s accusation we can only guess.