As before the Organ Donation rules were for people to apply and receive a donation card to be carried in case of an accident or sudden death and the organs can be donated to needy patients.

This had its drawback because most of the people are too busy to think of getting the card until it is too late.

Now the new rule is to opt-out of organ donation. The bill hopefully be passed and made law by the end of the year.

The Mirror newspaper was running a great campaign after Max Johnson, who needed a new heart, drew attention to it. During non-stop campaigning for two years Max received a new heart from Keira who tragically died in a car accident.

The bill has still to be scrutinised of small details mainly how to apply for opt-out organ donation and such forth. After approval by the House of Commons it will be passed to the House of Lords for further scrutiny and hopeful it will be passed then.

The new Bill will be named after her 10 year old son as Max Law.

In 2017 Mirror started to campaign and approach the Prime Minister to change the law. They were supported by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable.

Mirror pointed out that 457 patients might not have died in 2017 if the law was already established. Within a month Theresa May announced that her party would change the law.

Max’s mum was in the House of Common when tributes were paid to Keira and her courageous dad who had to make the decision since his wife was still in a coma. It must have been horrendous for Keira’s father and only people who had to do the same can understand what he was going through.

The only little happiness Keira’s parent have is that they could save Max’s life and their daughter’s heart will be beating on.

Further good news came from Scotland and Wales that they will also change the law to opt-out of organ donation.