Mr Davies is a Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden and Brexit Secretary. Regarding being a Brexit Secr., in my opinion, he was, so far, not very impressive but listen to the speech on war he made many good points although it did not reach the headlines of national newspapers.

He states that bombing Syria (Daesh) had no effect in the two years.

Among 10,000 American-led mission Iraq and Syria – one third in Syria – against 16,000 targets of which the British people were led to belief to destroy ISIS.

The reality or truth is now that during that time Daesh has doubled from 15,000 to 30,000.

It shows and proves at a very high loss of lives and displacement of civilians that it had no effect.

He pointed out further, to bring a real impact on ISIS destruction would only be by withholding payment and weapons to them.

This action would involve Turkey, which pretends to oppose ISIS and flying bombing mission; Saudi Arabia, believed to be one of the major financiers, and the Gulf States to cut off financial support to Daesh and other Islamist groups in Syria.

It was the first sensible suggestion from anyone and an impressive speech from David Davies.

Although it is the best way of defeating ISIS stopping their cruelty and terrorism but it most probably will never happen.  

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn already criticised the decision of bombing, a number of time, before the MPs voted for the first time but was ignored by ex-PM Cameron who was eager to sell arms and benefitted greatly from it.

Cameron, slyly, ordered the RAF to fly mission under the US command at a time when MPs voted against it, first. He went against the result of the vote in his eagerness to play a victorious hero and sold his weapons.

At the second vote Cameron managed to manipulate MPs and won a vote for joining the USA in bombing raids. Each mission cost at least £500m while he introduced austerity and people are starving and lost their homes.