UPDATE;  24 June 2013 — There are even plans made to make a statue and most properly put it in Trafalgar Square. Furthermore, a Margaret Thatcher Museum is planne. Most properly both on taxpayers’ money. Talking about insult upon insult to the people of Britain.


Her funeral is over and without any riots which is the best. It was a grand show as only the British can organise it and all to her wishes but it was a hollow celebration of her death.  250,000 people supposed to have lined the street, if the number is correct. A great number were standing, after the first row which were onlooker and admirer, from the second row onward with the backs to the funeral. A clever idea to show your disrespect which she really deserves.

How politicians and some people can whitewash what she had done is unbelievable. She destroyed great industries and couldn’t care less of workers lost their jobs and end up in lengthy dole queues.

She deregulated the banks and finance sectors and we, the public, still suffer today more than ever before, because of it. Bank chief executives earn not only £1million and over of salaries but two or up to five times of that in bonuses. She privatised gas, electricity and the railways. The shareholders jumping for joy about the great dividends but householders’ bills jumped from £250 to £1,400 per year within three years and her followers PM David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne do nothing about it because they receive the dividends.

As for PM David Cameron to declare “we are all Thatcherites” was not only in poor taste to make political hay while the sun was shining but also completely misjudged. He and his faithful might be but the great majority will certainly not. They have been hurt too much and their communities destroyed. Even today there are whole villages and small town turned into ghost villages and –towns. It is unforgettable and unforgivable.  Even in death she hurt those people again by making them paying for her funeral which is at least £10million.

If David Cameron and friends really want to go down in history as great leaders they should sit down and right what Margaret Thatcher done wrong. Even that is a bit too late after their axe was used too often and too much.

All people can do and show their great spirit which they always did in crisis like to stand together and closed the door on Margaret Thatcher. It is not meant to forget which is impossible but close the door on her death and throw the key away. Cameron has to make a high-speed U-turn to save this country from depression or inflation. Even the IMF told George Osborne for at least the second if not the third time to abandon austerity because it doesn’t work.

Will they do it and in time?