It has now been announced that Lady Thatcher was staying at the Ritz in London, England for several months. It was kept so secret even the staff didn’t know she was there.  She was in the most luxurious hotel suite.  On her deathbed she was surrounded by staff that cared most for her in her last few years. Her children were not there. They were miles away. Mark in Marbella and Carol in Switzerland.  Only some of her Conservative Party’s friends and nursing staff were there. It is not known whether she was conscious till the end or not but by the  remark made that she would have been devastated to know that not even her beloved son was not there it seems she was not fully aware any more.

Although she was surrounded by the most luxurious suite money can buy she still was very much alone. Previously in a newspaper report was stated that Mark did not even visit her on Christmas. In a recent interview he explained himself that she has dementia and would not recognise him.

However, according to Tory MP Conor Burns who visited her regularly he remark that her memories of the past was not very great but she still was interested in the future and politics.

The Ritz Hotel is owned by the billionaire Barclays Brothers and it is not clear whether she lived there for free, half priced or full priced. However, it would not have made any difference to her finances since Lady Thatcher received £500,000 from the government for ‘expenses’ ever since she retired.

It could have been acceptable and not have been begrudged had she not devastated thousand of lives and broken whole communities during her being in office. By the time she had to retire the country had five million unemployed. Now she even gets a ceremonial funeral which cost the country and taxpayers more than £10million. The public has never forgotten and forgiven her and now salt is rubbed into their wounds. They are up in arms. Why aggravate the situation again? It is not only the money spend on her funeral but at a time of her government preaches austerity and were cutting benefits right across from the 1 April. As soon as Margaret Thatcher death was announced it was also stated she will receive a ceremonial funeral with all the honour.

One of the Tory’s MPs suggested having a statue of Margaret Thatcher put up in Trafalgar Square.  Don’t they realize what mood the public is in?