Well the Saturday’s papers are out and full of scandals and promises from the Conservatives for the next general election. The biggest shock was that David Cameron decided to axe the RED ARROWS. They are such a legendary institution and national pride it would be more than scandalous to ground the last of the British legendary symbols.

The Conservatives have during their last reign in power destroyed so many British companies which were unique to Britain and the envy to the world. Just to name but a few was the steel industry, a number car makers for which only Britain stood as an example, ship industry which was always a legend, the railways and the coal mines. This term of government the Conservatives have managed to reduced the police, RAF, Army and navy which again received admiration from the whole world.

Now to ground the Red Arrows which are symbolic only of Britain and being admired by the rest of the world would be a crime.

All these action are so controversial to the very title of the Party and their constitution established by the Tories decays ago. The party pledge was to conserve and maintain traditional values and institutions. They certainly went completely from this pledge. These days they only give the impression anything as long it save money with which their pockets gets filled.

Most of the top Conservatives went to top class school and it is shocking and amazing that they have not more pride in their nationality and country.

Apparently they are already in full swing to gain the majority in the next general election. The cutting back and also destroying certainly way of life won’t go down lightly and people do have a long memory. All the new promises for if the Conservative come into power again will not easily believed since the last promises were not med leave alone those horrific cut-backs on the public. It was a great surprise that they mange to get into power again, even as a minority, after the last distraction to the country.