For the working people and could not care less. On the contrary, at the last PMQ May blamed Labour for everything that is wrong in this country. She quoted statistics which were completely wrong, a lie. She even had the thick nerve to deny that Chancellor Philip Hammond blamed the disabled workforce for a Tories’ failing economy. How could she lower herself to that when Hammond’s speech was on camera and was broadcast all over the country.

The housing crisis is the worst for decades and so is rough sleeping. Newspapers are not allowed to write about the truth. As for food banks have an increase of 90 per cent and will even be more since May added £12bn Welfare cuts and now the Universal Credit will be rolled out just before Christmas which means the people will not receive money for five weeks.

Oh yes, there are helplines which first costs 55p per minute and after Labour’s pressure supposedly to be free but with the desperation all over the country the lines will be jammed. So, what will it be then for impoverished working people who can not feed their families and landlords looming with eviction.

After a report of 40,000 people died during the last winter cold-bloodedly May cuts Winter Fuel payment introduced by Labour. Last winter was comparatively mild but this winter seems to start early with ice, frost and snow. What will happen to the old, disabled who need more warmth and street sleepers?

With the £12bn Welfare cuts and Universal credit there will a great number of people and families losing their homes ending up on an already over-demanded  emergency accommodations. Councils were straggling to house people all the last years but now it will be an almost impossibility. Private landlords seem to be giving notices left, right and centre without any concern what will happen to these families.

It had emerged that most of the Private Landlords bought up Council houses when Thatcher gave the right to buy. Many people fell for it and thought it was their chance of owing a home. Then came Thatcher crash of steel and mining industry which gave people a good income but then lost their job, house and their deposit. Crashing industries had also a domino effect on the whole communities with many lost their shop, small businesses and houses.

Private Landlords, which now emerged are mostly Tories, took the opportunity and bought up rows of houses. The same who giving now notices at the first opportunity of non-payment. 

Such is the Tories’ game with no conscience or care about the fait to the families.

Cameron was bad but May seems to be even worth. Whether Cameron and Osborne are still pulling the string is a good question, but it seems likely since she let the £12bn Welfare cuts, which was planned by Osborne, go through.

At the moment, May is all shining at Brussels and seems to get Brexit going. It seems too good to be true and doubt that even the MPs are fully informed what concessions she is agreeing to, to get a most vital agreement on which her future as a PM hangs. Her almost two years in office shows she is willing to do anything to keep her position.

It is getting so bad that even Tories’ MPs are rebelling and voting against her.

The general public has one hope, Jeremy Corbyn, and hopefully he will be in 10 Downing Street sooner than later before all is lost. NHS and schools are going down fast.










Mr Davies is a Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden and Brexit Secretary. Regarding being a Brexit Secr., in my opinion, he was, so far, not very impressive but listen to the speech on war he made many good points although it did not reach the headlines of national newspapers.

He states that bombing Syria (Daesh) had no effect in the two years.

Among 10,000 American-led mission Iraq and Syria – one third in Syria – against 16,000 targets of which the British people were led to belief to destroy ISIS.

The reality or truth is now that during that time Daesh has doubled from 15,000 to 30,000.

It shows and proves at a very high loss of lives and displacement of civilians that it had no effect.

He pointed out further, to bring a real impact on ISIS destruction would only be by withholding payment and weapons to them.

This action would involve Turkey, which pretends to oppose ISIS and flying bombing mission; Saudi Arabia, believed to be one of the major financiers, and the Gulf States to cut off financial support to Daesh and other Islamist groups in Syria.

It was the first sensible suggestion from anyone and an impressive speech from David Davies.

Although it is the best way of defeating ISIS stopping their cruelty and terrorism but it most probably will never happen.  

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn already criticised the decision of bombing, a number of time, before the MPs voted for the first time but was ignored by ex-PM Cameron who was eager to sell arms and benefitted greatly from it.

Cameron, slyly, ordered the RAF to fly mission under the US command at a time when MPs voted against it, first. He went against the result of the vote in his eagerness to play a victorious hero and sold his weapons.

At the second vote Cameron managed to manipulate MPs and won a vote for joining the USA in bombing raids. Each mission cost at least £500m while he introduced austerity and people are starving and lost their homes.





He got hooked on fast cars at the age of 10 in 1908 when he watched a road race. From that on he wanted to be a racing driver.

Enzo was a son of a middle class, successful metalworker. He was born in Modena, Northern Italy with limited education and no connection to the racing sport.

His dreams even diminished more when his father died; Enzo was 18 years old. It happened during the 1916 flu epidemic and Enzo caught the virus too. He survived and was more determined to fulfil his dream.

He was now the breadwinner and his dream became more distant.

Somehow. he got from nothing to test driver for Alfa Romeo and in 1924 he made name for himself to be chosen for the French Grand Prix. At the height of achieving his dream Enzo had a nervous breakdown and quit.

He went back home to Modena.

In those days, the sport was not as regulated like today and Enzo lost his great friend Ugo Sivocci and another a year later, Antonio Ascari, in the race.

Enzo managed to set up his super car manufacturer and this year it is 70 year ago when the first Ferrari rolled off the production line.

In the following years the company prospered and is now owned by his son Piero. Today Ferrari is more known on the road which helped to finance Enzo’s racing ambition.

During Enzo’s life, he experienced many set-backs and disasters. He went through horrific accidents, financial disasters, political threats and PR disasters. Since he was also good-looking he had extra-marital affairs and a love child.

During the 1950s and 1960s his racing cars had seven drivers killed. The worst accident was in 1957 when one of his cars smashed into the crowd and killed nine and five children. Enzo was devastated and shut himself away for days. He was charged with manslaughter.

In 1923 Enzo married Laura Garello but his marriage was never a happy one. Their only child, a son and heir died in 1956 of Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of 24. Enzo was aware of it but tried to ignore it in the hope it might get better. It also broke up his marriage. In Italy divorce was illegal till 1975 and they remained married but Laura lived in Turin and Enzo in Modena.

He had more ‘regimental’ affairs. Accordingly, three times a week he did go out with one of the girls from the factory at lunch time. He had one long-time affair with Lina Lardi and in 1945 she born him a son, Piero. Only after his wife died, in 1978, he publicly acknowledged and gave him his famous name.

After the death of his son and several other racing drivers who were very close friends of his; Enzo became reclusive and only attended local Italian Grand Prix races.

He always worn dark glasses and chose to be driven in an unremarkable Fiat.

When Enzo Ferrari died in 1988; Piero became vice president of Ferrari. Piero leads a quiet live and has one daughter and two grandsons – named Piero and Enzo. He still lives in the house his father gave him. 



Lord William Hague, who was a great favourite of Margaret Thatcher which is not a compliment, said that the world does not belief a Brexit will happen.

This is the latest in a long row of various remarks and hints of hopes Brexit will change into Bremain.

Chancellor Philip Hammond already announced that Brexit ‘might’ be extended to 2022 from 2019. The speed they are going, purposely, it will be extended again in a few years and so go on. Is it a plan for the public to lose interest and eventually the whole thing will weasel out?

Even David Davies turns up at a EU meeting and sits down with not one page of paper in front of him while the other EU negotiators had thick files in front of them. This fact must have raised questions about Mr Davies’s attitude of serious negotiations.

Then there are remarks coming like having another referendum, people supposed to have changed their minds and would vote to remain, Brexit is bad for the economy when UK leave the EU market and so on.

One argument against it is that the UK economy is bad and getting worse by the months despite of all the promises Tories made in the last two elections. Well this situation can only get better when Britain is trading with the world again of which EU put a stop to it for certain countries and products.

Is there a plan, behind closed doors, to stop Brexit? The effort David Davies, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and PM May are making suggest it.

Are the Tory’s Government quietly going against the people whose majority voted for Brexit it would be another nail in their coffin?

Britain was always a free trading nation and their products had a great name in the world. Of course, all the great names of manufacturing where either destroyed of sold off by Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron and now PM May which is a crime.

No matter how efficient Chinese are but the average people will not have the full respect or assurance of quality if it is Made in China not Made in Britain. Of course, people are forced into it by need to consider the lower price since their financial situation was cut back severely.

The complete cash-strapped public’s buying power will also have a reflection on the Chinese market especially the car industry. It might not seem such a great  bargain when they bought MG, Range Rover and other British top name products.

A fine example is Waterford which was the ultimate in crystal. It was also sold to China and Waterford, with label Made in China, went bankrupt. The highly qualified people lost their job and all due to the top management and politicians. It will happen to the car industry and other manufacturers.

This brings us to another point. Since the Tory Government keeps financially screwing down people more and more, especially after the further £12bn Welfare cut, it bound to have a backlash on the economy. Will the Tory Government not blame it on Brexit and use it as a good reason to reverse Brexit? It would not be a surprise.

On the quiet, they are bent-over backwards to stop it. They must be losing somewhere, politically, financially, otherwise they were not so determined.








Rumours on the Internet stating that Camilla, Duchess of Cambridge, married to Prince Charles has filed for divorce in October.

Hints were dropped that Charles and Camilla have the most violent arguments for quite a long time. Apparently, they are as common as with objects being thrown which must be quite valuable and not any old jam-jar.

It is obvious that they didn’t find the paradise they were hoping for.

Guessing from the few leaks Prince Charles is quite hard to live with and Camilla found out. There were also several rumours about Camilla hitting the gin bottle. She disappears to her previous home for days to which Prince Charles strongly object.

Apparently, on Princess Charlotte’s christening Camilla was drunk and did not behave in a lady-like fashion and the Queen giving a party to honour the birth and christening of Princess Charlotte she only had tea served.

All these are just rumours and the major newspapers have not confirmed the Charles and Camilla are divorcing.

Camilla, however, threatened the Royal Family that if she does not get the settlement she demanded she will wash dirty linen in public.

Well, it might be good for the public and we will learn a few truths. She even mentioned that Princess Diana’s death was no accident but murder most Royal. Whether, she will spill the beans and there is some truth in it we will have to wait and see.

One thing for sure, Camilla does not show any lady-like behaviour as for Kate she always is a Lady and supports Prince William and vice-versa.

Camilla should not hang out her aristocratic background too much, although it is from the 14th century but her great-great-grandmother was the notorious socialite Alice Keppel. No doubt she was one of the most beautiful woman of her time but she had several affairs and the most known with King Edward VII. He was Prince of Wales when she met him. Her husband approved of all her affairs being able to afford their lifestyle in London and they got quite rich.

Alice Keppel was known to be witty, kind and never lost her temper. She stayed with King Edward VII till his death. Afterwards the Keppel went travelling and ended up in Italy. They died within two and a half months of each other and are buried there. Local tourist guides refer to Mr Keppel as the last Victoria’s lover. Whether there is some truth in it, is anyone’s guess.

Although Camilla looks down her nose at Kate Middleton because she does not come from an aristocratic family and demands Kate to curtsy before her. If Camilla had any manners and education; she would not do that. Kate’s family were coal miners on her father’s side. You could not be prouder than of a coal miner doing one of the hardest jobs.

Her father and mother were working for BA. Her father was a flight dispatcher and her mother a stewardess. They also established a very successful company selling party goods.

All in all, good, honest, hard-working people who worked their way up and could afford to send their three children to top class schools and universities where Kate and William met.

Rumours also have it that the Queen will cut out Prince Charles and announce Prince William and Kate to follow her on the throne. If that comes true most of the people will breath a sigh of relief.

Maybe this plan was brewing for a long time in the Royal family and maybe it is the final reason for Camilla filing for divorce? It is also said she might have to leave the UK forever and no money will be paid.

As mentioned before, these are all rumours and speculations and only time will tell.




UPDATE 28 July, 2017 — Looking back at this report nothing has changed despite PM Cameron resigned in 2016 and Theresa May is now the new Prime Minister. If nothing it has gone even worse. She introduced a £12bn Welfare cut on top of people are already starving and homeless.

MPs still get a 10 per cent rise every year despite the Tory Government introduced an austerity for every one else. It is a typical double dealing which is totally wrong and unacceptable.

At the moment the people biggest hope is Jeremy Corby, Labour, who is totally committed to the ordinary people and their rights.

By now, there are three million people living in poverty and relying on Food Banks in a country which is the sixth richest in the world.

It is a crime and the Government is still planning further cuts on poor people, disabled and pensioners.

The UK Government sparked off a revolt in 2013 by announcing a possible increase of MPs’ salaries of £7,600. Especially the Unions objected and threatened a tidal wave of strikes unless ordinary workers are not getting a similar deal.

Many people pointing the finger at the Unions as troublemakers especially the Tories. However, the fact is if it weren’t for the Unions people would still be working in Victorian era conditions.  As it shows and proves again with this Tory Government the general public is forced to face austerity while the Elite gets away with all their wheeling and dealing and there is no other power or party who stops them. It is only the Unions who put the pressure on the Tories. During Thatcher’s time great force was used to break the Unions and some extent she succeeded, unfornutely. She paid the police heavily to counteract the demonstration against closures of mines, steel works and shipyards. Due to this rather unethical method the Unions lost some power.

It appears that the MPs increment would cost the country £4.6million which is unacceptable when the rest of the country live in poverty. Family have to go to foodbanks for free food to feed their family and the Pawnbrokers are rapidly on the increase again.  The charity of ‘Save the Children Fund’ announced that they have to appeal to the public for donation for the first time since their existented.  Their report spoke of incredible existence in the Midland and North of England. It seems David Cameron turning the country back to Dickens’ time and that in the 21st century.

The Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority claims that there will be cuts to the MPs’ pensions, “golden goodbuys” and some allowances which would reduce the annual bill by £500,000. Now this would really bring the deficit down after having spent £4.6million in the first place.

The proposal created a storm in Parliament and the three leaders had a job to survive it.

The Proposal:

–          MPs’ pay rise would be from £66,396 to £74,000 in 2015 or £7,604.

–          MPs’ pension will be a career average with lower contribution from the politician and taxpayer which results in reduced payments in retirement. Well time will tell and evidence speaks louder than words.

–          Resettlement grants of up to £33,000 will be replaced in 2020 by double statutory redundancy pay for MPs who fail to retain their seat. The maximum pay-out will be around £24,000. Surely this an unknown fact to most of the general public and no person whose lost his/hers job would be given any money for the expenses especially not that amount.

–          The evening meal allowance will be axed and claims for taxi home before 11pm or a hotel stay before 1am. Allowances for a person earning £66,396.

The general workforce would appreciate if they would get a pay rise of 11 per cent and 11 per cent on their salaries or wages would never reach that amount as of the MPs 11 per cent on £66,396. However, in view of the present one per cent in the public sector and two per cent in the private sector which is just a drop in the ocean. Most of them are even in a pay freeze.  This comparison is the reality of today’s Tories ‘politics and them and us. This division had been going on for three years since they are in power.

Labour Leader Ed Milliband announced that he will not accept it but Mr Cameron has not so far objected and Mr Clegg agreed with it. The next move will be a vote on the proposal and would it be very surprising if it were outvoted?

It is not these salaries plus the increase they receiving most of the MPs have a number of second jobs which brings in further big salaries. Mr Milliband spoke of it the other day and promised that if the Labour party will be get into power they will stop it.  He pointed out that nobody can do a number of other jobs without neglecting their own constituency.  He stated that some MPs earn up to £5million a year plus get a lot of perks. Therefore, at a time of economical hardship it is unforgivable if this proposal would go ahead but it would be very surprising if they turn their own salary’ increase down.

These two companies were making headlines several times before with scandals and wrong claims.

Auditors discovered that G4S charged for false tagging claims. They were either for dead people, in prison or for people never been tagged before.

G4S really excels itself with making headlines before. At first they let prisoner escape when in transit from prisons to the courts. Then they signed a contract with the government to provide security during the 2012 London Olympics but 10 days before they admitted that they could not provide the full security required because they couldn’t recruit enough staff. This was an incredible statement with high unemployment existing. Furthermore, a whistleblower revealed that their checking out details of people for security employment was appalling.

Serco also was in the News before for adding non-existing appointments in the medical section to meet the government’s target which entitles full payment.

David Cameron set up a tidal wave of outscoring work to companies.  He believes it is cheaper than civil servants and tries to convince the public. Of course, we do not have the full exact details of finance to compare but thinking logically these companies are all with shareholders expecting at the end of the financial year a very dividend which has to be paid by the taxpayers. Also their chief executives receives around £1million a year plus bonuses.  Also including a number of non-executives which hardly produce results but being paid substantially.  It is doubtful that the cost with civil servants would be that high. Is it not more likely that the Government receives chares in these companies and therefore another lump sum?

G4S and Serco are the countries biggest suppliers and the G4S contract is estimated over £50million for tagging alone. Serco’s contract is worth 4.9billion

Even Justice Secretary Chris Grayling was astounded about the wrongly charged fees. He assumed that the estimated sums would run into low tens of millions.  However, he straightaway soften the embarrassing  blow in stating that he had no knowledge of the two companies “knowingly”  have dishonourable practices.  Here we have to remark that auditors suppose go through the accounts every year. And then approve it or disapprove it.  Therefore it sheds some doubts on Mr Grayling’s statements.  Besides both companies were already caught with providing very unsatisfactorily work.

It also speaks for a number of contracts received from the Government and proves more than inefficient results. After all these constant scandals the Coalition, which is mainly Tories, decided to increase their outscoring contracts. Is there no let up of irresponsibility?

According to this report from Reuters the tagging scandal exists since 2008 in the Ministry of Justice.  This gives a record of five years and nothing was done. Yet Mr Grayling had the audacity to state he did not know anything about it.  Well as a Justice Secretary he better gets himself familiar with what is going on in his department.  After all it is the Government responsible for the work being done correctly when they outscore it.

Mr Grayling demanded an independent forensic auditor and Serco agreed but G4S insisted on their own investigations.  Since the previous scandals the long service chief executive Nick Buckley eventually resigned after great pressure put on his resignation.  Again David Cameron was backing him up for a long time.  Eventually Mr Buckley had to resign and was given a golden handshake. As always when they are found out about their shoddy work they resign only under pressure but receive a tremendous sum of money.

Serco CEO Christopher Hyman promised to repay any amount they received unjustified.  Due to all these investigations the bidding for the new contract for prisons in Yorkshire were being delayed and Serco withdraw from bidding for a new tagging contracts which is worth £150million a year.  G4S is still bidding for it but the MoJ is having doubts whether to reward it to G4S. However, would it be surprising if they still get it?

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